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  • 月善小编


Today we are going to share a few tips on boiling herbal soup, which is really easy.


1) Prepare your choice of meat and/or ribs , it can be pork ribs, chicken, fish etc. Skip to step 3 if you are a vegetarian.

2) Blanch the meat and/or ribs

3) Rinse the herbs clean

4) Place all ingredients into a pot and add 1 litre of water

5) Boil in high heat for 10-20 minutes

6) Reduce the heat and simmer for 2 hours (3-4 hours for using Slow Cooker).

7) Add some salt for seasoning


1) Do not add the ingredients into a pot of boiling water - it is advisable to put all ingredients with water and boil together.

2) Soup is best served before the meal as it acts as an appetizer, and helps with digestion and better absoprtion of the nutrients.

3) Do not add water in the mid of cooking and do not season the soup too early too, otherwise it will affect the taste of the soup.

4) You may add a few slices of ginger for blanching the meat and/or ribs but do not add the ginger into the herbal soup

5) You may add your choice of vegetables too, such as mushrooms, potatoes, corns, carrots etc.

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