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Yue Shan (月善), was founded in 2017.

We believe that a healthy wellbeing, starts with a healthy diet. A nice healing confinement starts with a good herbal concoction.


Our herbal concoctions were created with the help of local TCM Physician Ji. For mommies who are interested to customise the herbs based on their body constitution, we also have affiliated TCM Physician which we could refer. 

Through the years, we are committed to doing what's right, it is a mission and a devotion, from us to you. 

Confinement Herbal Soup


Customisation of herbs is available through pulse reading consultation by our affiliated TCM Physician.


Our herbs are sourced from Singapore licensed supplier.

We do not purchase herbs in bulks to save cost. We will only collect herbs from our supplier whenever we need to pack for dispatch. 

We have an extremely strict control over the quality of our herbs. Most, if not all, of our herbs are without sulphur. 


Our dedicated team of personal concierges will be available for you 24/7. 

Should you have any queries or concerns during your confinement, we are just a Whatsapp text away. 


Yue Shan Herbal Soup
Yue Shan Herbal Soup


TCM Confinement

We try to minimize the negative effects packaging have on the environment.


It is important to us that our packaging are sustainable, recyclable and re-usable. 

We always believed in giving back to the society.

Should any non-profit organization require our services and/or assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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