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30 Days Confinement Herbal Soup           S$ 288

Our 30 days confinement herbal soup are divided into a 4 week program:

Week 1: Detoxification

Week 2: Strengthening spleen and stomach

Week 3: Enhancement and nourishment

Week 4: Rejuvenation and boost immune system​

Comes with:

- 30 pre-packed herbs

- 2 packets of 生化汤

- Preparation guides in English & Chinese

- Every packet of herbal soup will be labelled in numbers sequence. Day 1  = Pack No. 1.


Soup Lists:

  1. 宁神汤  125g

  2. 健脾虫草花汤  100g

  3. 木耳养容汤  105g

  4. 清润养胃汤  130g

  5. 益脑核桃汤  95g

  6. 祛风天麻汤  105g

  7. 元气鸡汤  105g

  8. 滋阴润肺汤  120g

  9. 灵芝黄芪汤  90g

  10. 首乌补血汤  90g

  11. 百合杏仁汤  126g

  12. 十全大补汤  120g

  13. 海玉花汤  120g

  14. 养颜补血汤  95g

  15. 温肾补腰汤  115g

Our herbal concoction is suitable for natural delivery,  cesarean section and vegetarians. 

We use 通草 in some of our soups, to help mommies boost breastmilk supply, for mommies who do not wish to use this herbs, please let us know and we will remove it for you.