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Can we drink plain water during confinement?

One of the most commonly asked questions about confinement is – can we consume plain water?

Before we answer the question, let’s talk about pre- and post-natal process.

Water Retention

During pregnancy, your body produces more blood and fluids to nourish and protect both you and your baby. Raised hormone level cause your body to retain water, so it can do the work of carrying nutrients and oxygen to your baby. The extra fluids also prepare the joints and tissues in your pelvis for the stretching that will come with delivery.

Since there are excess fluids, it will take some time for the fluids to subside. The best period to reduce water retention is the first 2 weeks of confinement.

How to reduce water retention after pregnancy?

  1. Have a healthy balanced diet and limit your salt intake. Water retention does not simply retain “water”, but also sodium in our body. While you shouldn’t cut out salt completely from your diet, it is advisable to avoid salty meals and processed food.

  2. Traditional postnatal massage encourages blood circulation and lymphatic flows, which helps to reduce water retention and bloating.

  3. Consume more fluids. Drinking more fluids help to flush out the fluids that your body is holding in.

But new mothers were often discouraged from drinking plain water. We were told that drinking plain water causes postpartum swelling so red dates tea and fried rice tea were often used as a replacement.

Drinking plain water is essential to replace the water that our body retained. Red dates tea does the same job but with additional nutritional values for our body, which is a bonus.

While these teas have excellent health benefits, they may not be as thirst quenching as plain water, so occasional consumption of plain water during confinement is acceptable. The thing to take note is – drink warm water, in small quantity, slowly.

We understand that drinking cold water is more satisfying in this hot weather, but it is not beneficial for postpartum mommies. Your body undergo tremendous changes during and after pregnancy, these changes weaken your immune systems and require time to rejuvenate. Drinking cold water during confinement, slows down blood circulation and may cause indigestions.

Drinking warm water on the other hand, increases blood circulation, enhanced digestive system, helps to break food down easily; it’s a natural detoxification process.

Conclusion: Yes, we can drink plain water during confinement.

*throws confetti*

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