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Soup is science

Confinement herbal soups doesn't means the bitter the better. There are a lot of healing herbs that gave a sweet after taste. And meat is not the only choice to go with herbs. There are plenty ingredients that compliment the taste at the same time increases the nutrients. The question is, how?

We are constantly experimenting our herbal soups with various ingredients, you may find our suggestions here change from time to time. But one ingredient remain our favorite, that is Mushroom.

Mushroom is delicious and practically owes their flavor to glutamic acids and nucleotide - which combined to produce a strong savory taste. Glutamic acid and nucleotides are nonvolatile and heat-stable, therefore cooking does not destroy the mushroom's ability to enhance the taste of the food. Which makes mushrooms a good choice of ingredient to be boiled with herbal soups. Due to many requests, we have added more variety of mushrooms to our herbal soups, here's the list:





There are many health benefits linked to mushrooms. Certain varieties have shown to have potential benefits to our digestive system, reduce cholesterol, antioxidant, boost immune system etc. However, there are people who are not suitable to consume too. Such as people who are allergic to MSG - glutamic acid is a natural form of MSG ( taste enhancer). While the glutamate in mushrooms are safe, there are people who are sensitive to it. Potatoes, corns, oysters, tomatoes, broccoli, peas, walnuts and soy sauce are also glutamate-rich foods. So mommies please take note of this.

Most, if not all of our customers will visit our TCM physician for a pulse reading consultations, for our physician to create a personal concoction for them. If you did not visit a physician or an allergist for a diagnosis, please be cautious about the choice of herbs and ingredients used before consumption. Should you have a concoction or a recipe that you would like to discuss with us, please feel free to contact us.

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