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30 Days Confinement Herbal Soup

Yue Shan Postpartum Herbal Soup is a complete recovery solution to help new mothers regain their health systematically.

Through years of research, our physician developed a postpartum herbal care program based on 4 recovery stages:

Week 1 - Detoxification

Week 2 - Strengthening spleen and stomach

Week 3 - Enhancement and nourishment

Week 4 - Rejuvenation and to boost immune system.

There are 30 pre-packed herbs per box (15 different types of concoctions).

  1. 宁神汤

  2. 健脾虫草花汤

  3. 木耳养容汤

  4. 清润养胃汤

  5. 益脑核桃汤

  6. 祛风天麻汤

  7. 元气鸡汤

  8. 滋阴润肺汤

  9. 灵芝黄芪汤

  10. 首乌补血汤

  11. 百合杏仁汤

  12. 十全大补汤

  13. 海玉花汤

  14. 养颜补血汤

  15. 温肾补腰汤


1) What type of ingredients can we used to boil together with the herbs?

We can use chicken, pork, pork ribs, fish etc. up to individual preference.

2) Is it necessary to use meat as the ingredient?

Nope. Our herbal soup can be boiled without meat. It will not affect the efficacy of the herbs.

3)How should we store the pre-packed herbs?

You can store the herbs in a cool, dry area. However due to the humidity of our Country, we would advise you to keep the herbs refrigerated.

Should you have any queries regarding our products, please feel free to contact us at

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