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Herbal soups are not boring

It's rainy season. A bowl of warm nourishing soup makes it perfect for such cooling weather!

This is no. 7th pack of our 30 days Confinement Herbal Soup.

元气鸡汤, i replaced chicken with pork ribs instead, taste equally good!

Do you know our herbal soup makes a great steamboat base too?

If next week's weather is great, we will probably have steamboat and take some photos to share.

Another amazing thing we tried, was 十全蛋, which was made from our 十全大补汤。It is easier to prepare than tea leaf eggs but taste way better!

Herbal soup doesn't have to be boring. It is also not a privilege that only postpartum mommies can enjoy. Do you have any interesting ideas to share too? Let us know!

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