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Expo Baby Fair Dec 2018

Our 2nd baby fair!

Our trusty slow cooker from Iona. The inner pot is made of organic porous purple clay that is perfect for making herbal soup. We love it so much, we decided to do giveaways - for everyone who purchased our herbal soup and/or red dates tea, they get a free Iona slow cooker!

Apart from the giveaways, our physician too, conducted pulse readings and consultations for mommies who'd like to have their Confinement herbal soup tailored to their body's needs.

Once again, we met a few lovely exhibitors!

Aromamaymay and

Love their products, love their people more.

Taste of Joy by ccm food. We love their food so much we have it every day during the fair! At the final hour of the fair, they delivered 4 bowls of FREE fried enoki specially for us. This company is ❤️

Once again, our heartfelt gratitude for all the support we received. See you at our next fair!

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