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Confinement Healing Soap

The first shower after giving birth is a big deal. In the past, mommies are not supposed to shower during confinement, but with the help of traditional herbal bath mommies can now freshen up and enjoy a quiet moment to themselves.

However these herbs require boiling and it is not gonna happen during the stay in the hospital. Furthermore, some mommies used commercial soap together with herbal bath. Granted, that will make us squeaky clean but they are not good for our skin.

We need to turn our herbal bath into natural soap! So we reached out to Soap Ministry, consulting them if they can help us in production and they kindly agreed!

There is a lot of details and consideration when it comes to the selection of herbs. As the magic of a healing soap, lies in the herbal infusions we used to make them, so the choice of herbs depends on the results we want to achieve. Through infusions, we can transfer healing properties of the herbs to the soap. Taadaa!

Our first batch of confinement liquid soap and soap bars, which are sold out during March baby fair! Mommies can now shower at ease!

We are Thankful for Diana of Soap Ministry, who helped us to make this happened and we look forward to many more collaborations in the future!

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